How are we supposed to take risks when we now spend most of our time indoors in isolation? Let’s get one thing clear. I’m not advising you to use “risk” as a crutch to frolic through the streets without a mask. You can take action without spreading this very real and deadly virus. 

How do we continue to take risks when the world seems so out of control? Focus on what you have control over. It’s a courageous risk to consider the health and safety of all when taking action. 

Since the start of the pandemic, my jobs have been on pause. Being alone in my room in NYC for months took a toll on my mental well-being. 

Did I stop going after my dreams? No! I adapted to a new way of life while still pursuing what I love. 

I started facing my fear of loneliness and silence. Love yourself more during these challenging times. Remember what matters most. Unconditional love, acceptance, and justice. 

I had no choice, but to move forward. I wasn’t in control. Through the sadness and worry, I took risks by: 

  • Taking a 120-hour course for my TEFL Certification to teach English as a second language. 
  • Sending close to 100 industry letters to production companies I want to work with. 
  •  Founding my company, The Aulakh Initiative.
  • Writing my book, Your Guide to Being a Comfort Zone Escapist, in 9 days.
  • Teaching myself how to self-publish. 
  • Embracing my emotions.
  • Reaching out to loved ones. 
  • Taking time for self-care while knowing that my worth isn’t attached to a state of doing.

The list goes on. My point is, I knew there was more out there for me. There are endless possibilities waiting out there for you! Are you willing to keep moving from a place of love? 

More than ever, we need a sense of connection and love. I’m not talking about how society defines love. We don’t need a significant other to be complete. It’s also more than okay to long for a sense of belonging in any form. It’s challenging being far from our loved ones. 

We may not live life the way we are familiar with, but we can still take safe risks.

Risk it and reach out to those you haven’t spoken to for years. Be courageous and speak from the heart. Let those around you know how much they mean to you. Love yourself more. We’re all spending more time with ourselves these days. Wouldn’t it be nice to soften and offer some kindness to the image looking back at you in the mirror? 

Feel your feelings. Your worries, doubts, fears, and sadness are understandable. Hug your inner child while moving forward. 

Take initiative to accept yourself more. Take action to speak out. Fight for justice. Find innovative ways to go after your goals. Take the risk to consider the health of all people. It’s tough adjusting. Don’t let your frustration lead to someone losing their precious life from the virus. 

Listen to science. Follow what the scientists say for the sake of humanity. Then, go after what you want in a safe way. 

Live your life to the fullest. Breathing is precious. Choose unconditional love. Let’s do our part to make this world a better place. 

You can find new ways to take risks. You have it in you! Change your perspective, have compassion, and go for it. 

Copyright © 2020 The Aulakh Initiative

All Rights Reserved.


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