You’re standing in a room filled with confident faces. Your nerves keep you from risking it all. You compare your every move to all those surrounding you. The noise of judgment overpowers your desire. How do you ask for what you want when others seem more deserving of your dreams? 

Welcome to the world of internalized lies. 

These feelings of self-doubt feel oh so real and familiar. Are these statements speaking the truth? 


You look out at a room of smiling, shiny faces. We fail to realize, beneath those smiles, are the same doubts and fears you are experiencing. 

No matter how courageous someone appears, it doesn’t make them more of a superhuman than you. 

You are worthy and no one can remove that from you! 

Acknowledge that your worrying thoughts are not fact. If anyone you know is confident, that is awesome because success is limitless! If someone you know is celebrating a win, realize that there’s more than enough joy to go around.  

We’ve all been there, experiencing jealousy when others excel in our chosen career. We sulk when someone makes a life-altering decision we wanted to make. 

When you have the urge to compare yourself, focus in. Close your eyes. Breathe. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to give up who I am to live their life?” 

Absolutely not! Why would you throw away your personality traits, dreams, and quirks to be them?

No one on the face of the earth is exactly like you. How incredible is that? 

Society tries to lure us into believing that we have to complete life goals by a certain date. When you question your worth based on your ability to meet those fabricated dates, laugh. 

Laugh knowing that there are no rules set in stone. You can go after what you want on your timeline. 

Embrace your confidence! Ask for what you want, even when you don’t feel good enough. You are whole and complete right now! 

How do we ask for what we want? By trusting our intuition. 

Jump in, take action, and risk it all. 

Here’s the secret ingredient to this recipe: do not expect the outcome to go your way. 

Easier said than done? I know. I’ve wasted too much time feeling disappointment from having unrealistic expectations. I started releasing myself and my loved ones from that rigid guideline, which helped me soar. I am a risk-taker because I’m not reliant on the outcome. Don’t take risks to please everyone. Are you ready to risk asking for what you want? 

Feel that fear. Get clear on what you desire. Step forward. Speak out. Respect others while also respecting yourself. 

You deserve equal pay. No one can remove your value. Speak up for yourself and stand up for equity and equality. 

You have a fire within your soul urging you to take risks! 

Can you control how others will respond to you asking for what you want? No. The good news is, you have control over your ability to take action. 

Do you want to regret not going for it? Remember that we all have insecurities. Don’t shame yourself for that. You are human. 

We can all ask for what we want. It doesn’t mean we aren’t scared. The difference is, your love must overpower your fear. 

Remember who you are. Remind yourself why you are unique. Give yourself a supportive pep-talk and then go for it! 

That rush you’ll feel from going after what you want is unlike any other feeling I’ve ever experienced. 

When I risk it all, I know it’s because I’m choosing an act of self-love. Prove to yourself that you’re willing to break the mold. 

You can do this. Don’t stall. Act now. 

The world is out there and time doesn’t wait. What would it be like to not take that risk? Don’t let the what-ifs be a possibility. Ask for what you want! Even if you get a no, put yourself out there without attaching to your outcome. That is where your inner power lies. 

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