Decisions can leave us stagnant in fear of making the wrong choice. Thoughts piling up, pouring into a spiral of “what-ifs.” How many of your “what-if” scenarios never played out in life? 

My silly decision spirals include me at the grocery store, looking at the cereal section. I’ve had to phone a friend because cereal shopping is a make it or break it moment, right? 

Not quite.

The mind, along with our rigid expectations, results in placing a huge weight on our choices. Yes, with risk-taking, action and choices are key. Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from advancing.

Is your inner critic screaming, “What if we make the wrong choice? What if others are unhappy with these decisions?”

Breathe. Pause.

Look within and ask yourself: “Am I choosing this because people want me to? Or am I doing this for me because this is my next move, regardless of the outcome?”

Not everyone will understand why we do things the way we do. 

Quiet the outside noise. Everyone will always have their own opinions. 

It’s easy to overcomplicate things. Let’s focus on taking one step at a time. 

Your life will not fall apart if you eat that one cereal brand. You may love it or you might think it’s bland. Either way, listen to yourself. This is your life to embrace! So what if we stumble with our choices? At least we’ll learn and get back up again. 

It’s tempting to look towards our loved ones for guidance with our decisions. Make sure that through it all, you’re making a choice for yourself. 

“What do I want to do?” 

Such a simple question. 

When we are young, we act from a place of excitement and love with our choices. As long as you are not harming yourself or others, go for it! 

Decide with child-like wonder. Take in the moment. Move from your heart. 

We risk so much for those we love. Why not do the same for yourself? 

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All Rights Reserved.


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