It’s easier to know our worth when others share our views. What happens when they don’t agree? What if they judge? Do we lose our sense of self or do we acknowledge our inner power? 

When I’m in a great mood, I can own my confidence. I look at the world as if I’m unstoppable. I am not indispensable. Words hurt. Especially if they are pouring out of the mouths of our loved ones. 

When we face opposition, how do we rise above? How do we detach our self-worth from seeking approval? 

By knowing you aren’t your past. You can make a change today. Stay accountable for your decisions and to do better. 

Your value doesn’t have to come from the reactions of others. Find peace within. Know that regardless of the opinions, you are worthy. 

Move from a place of worth with your risks. 

Don’t rely on others to give you a verbal cue of approval to go after your dreams. If you stay true to your authenticity, people won’t understand. That’s okay.

There will be moments where life tries to knock you down. The world will try to rid you of your self-worth. 

Step forward anyway. With each new minute, make a choice. 

Move knowing that your worth connects to your existence. 

Prove those opinions wrong. You are not a one-sided human being. You are a soul growing at your own pace on this earth. Be willing to learn. Be accountable. Be you! 

You are not on this planet to gain the approval of the masses. You’re here to stay true and remember who you are. Fight for justice and leave a positive impact.  

You are worthy of that! You have the whole universe backing you up. 

When you feel as if you don’t have the courage to continue, look up at the night sky. 

Those stars are shining for you. You are a star. Connect to your worth. See those glimmering sparks of light as unconditional beams of love. 

Reclaim your strength. Get back up. Take action. 

It isn’t too late. 

Take a risk. What will you do with this new day? Are you going to live it? 

Copyright © 2021 The Aulakh Initiative

All Rights Reserved.


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