This pandemic seemed to come with a tiny warning label in fine print. My label includes, “May cause loneliness, sadness, separation, frustration, and anxiety.” If only I read the fine print! Come on, how many times do we gloss over the fine print? 

Even if we read the warning signs, there are some feelings we can’t avoid. Wouldn’t it be easy if we could toss those emotions in a box and throw it away? Trust me, I wish I could too.

I spend so much time avoiding my uncomfortable feelings building up within me. While busying myself with the health of my loved ones, I forgot to acknowledge mental health. 

Ignoring what I needed was me sitting in that lovely little comfort zone. It worked for a while when I had no choice but to press on to ensure that others stayed healthy. Then, in those moments of calm, the feelings resurface. 

Are you willing to take a risk with me today? Can we sit with those emotions? Will you take a chance to stop avoiding your uncomfortable thoughts? Easier said than done? The most growth comes when we take the risk, look within, and see what our soul needs. 

Once in a while we need a big cry, a phone call with a friend, nature, or time to renew a connection with oneself.

With avoidance during my challenges, I felt separate. I repeatedly used the word “lonely.” 

Then I realized I felt distant from myself, not the outside world. Looking for approval and acceptance from others can lead to loneliness. 

Sitting out in nature in my backyard, I looked within. There was no mirror, yet I could see myself. At that moment, I didn’t seem so lonely. I felt clarity. 

There will be times where we want to break down. That’s okay! Acknowledge the feelings, but don’t stay there forever. Let it pass through. 

It’s a scary risk to sit with ourselves when we want to rely on the love of others. We all need each other in this world, and we also need ourselves. 

If we are all connected and we are all made of the same matter, doesn’t that make you as bright as a star? 

It’s easy to forget our glory and shine, but it’s there.

Breathe. You’re not alone. You are worthy. Connecting within ourselves is a risk. See where it leads you. Are you willing to take that risk? 

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