Comfort is enticing. Trust me, I wish I could stay in that lovely little comfort zone. By doing that, would I grow? Would I be amplifying voices that need to be heard? Would I be willing to do what’s right for the greater good? 

Life doesn’t always go as planned. We can’t control others, but we can choose our words and actions. I’d rather know the truths of the world instead of living in ignorance. To me, ignorance is not bliss. The truth can hurt. If we want to create lasting change, we have to see the realities for what they are so that we can do something about it. 

How can we make an impact if we aren’t willing to realize our privilege? 

I am not Black and I am not Trans. I cannot take up space when that is not my lived experience because of my privilege. I will however amplify Black voices. I will amplify Trans voices. 

Here are a few Instagram accounts I urge you to follow: 














Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. Support Black Businesses. Amplify Black Voices. Amplify Black Trans Voices. 

It’s not okay to debate someone’s existence. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Trans youth are valid and worthy.

Controlling and preventing Trans youth from having access to the medical care they need is not justice. 

Trans Rights are Human Rights. 

What side of history do you want to be on? Why is it so important to debate the existence and validity of another human being? 

I knew I only had one choice to make. To choose justice over my comfort. 

Change is scary. It pops up on us out of nowhere. 

The injustices of this world are not new. 

Are you willing to take a risk? Are you ready to check your privilege and amplify voices that need to be heard? 

People seem willing to join the fight when it’s convenient for them and they don’t have to make sacrifices. When we have something to lose, people choose comfort over justice. 

Fighting for what’s right won’t be comfortable. Don’t let that stop you.

Excusing ignorance when the person is not willing to learn is perpetuating harm. 

What choice will you make today? 

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All Rights Reserved.


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