Being honest can be a huge risk. It’s easy to be honest when we feel comfortable. What about the times where we are uncomfortable? 

Are you honest with others but not with yourself, or vise versa? 

Sometimes your inner truth isn’t as easy to spot. 

This month I’ve seen the effects of all I’ve had to bear the past few months. Life can change in an instant. The past year has brought me challenging emotions that are surfacing. Anxious thoughts, sadness, fear, anger, and confusion on why life-altering events happen. Seeing loved ones with health complications is disheartening when we don’t have control.

When situations change rapidly, how do we have time to allow our emotions to catch up? 

Have you been so wrapped up in having to make quick decisions? Have those feelings tried to surface later? How do we be authentic with ourselves about where we are with mental health?

I am resilient, but even the most resilient should be honest when it comes to mental health.

We are only human and we shouldn’t have to bear this weight on our own. This year has been challenging for everyone for different reasons. 

I’m risking it to be truthful with myself.

I’m committing to finding a new therapist. There shouldn’t be shame or a negative stigma around therapy. Life doesn’t have to be in shambles to seek therapy. Many don’t realize that we can talk about life’s greatest moments in therapy too! It doesn’t have to be gloomy and so daunting. 

Therapy is a fearless risk I encourage us all to consider if it is accessible. Not everyone has the privilege to access affordable health care. There are also helpful donation-based support groups. 

When I started writing this blog post, I had no clue I would be openly discussing this. Looks like I’m taking a risk with honesty. When you take that risk, what surfaces may come as a surprise. 

We’re human beings. We are not perfect. You shouldn’t have to do this all alone. You are not alone. I see you. You are valid and worthy. You don’t have to keep it together all the time. It’s okay to break down and to get back up again. It’s okay to reach out for help. Feel your feelings. 

You are worth it. Can you work up the courage to take an honest look at where you are mentally and emotionally? Are you willing to take the risk to consider therapy?

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